Is the thought of projection mapping your home both exciting & overwhelming? The investment required to bring your house to life is not limited to just big corporations like Disney, it is well within reach for any holiday enthusiast. This course aims to walk you through the detailed steps required to achieve this goal. The objective is to save you months of research. You'll be ready to embark on your projection mapping journey within a couple of hours. The entire course is structured using Adobe After-Effects. The course also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee making the purchase risk-free. 

In addition to the videos, the following are also included in this course:

  • After Effects Project File
  • Project assets (pictures, videos etc)
  • Hardware Equipment Checklist
  • Cheatsheet for pre-show preparation
  • Cheatsheet for show design
  • Projector Positioning Tips
  • Cheatsheet for common After Effects shortcuts


Course Curriculum

  1. 01
    • Early Adopter

    • Projection Mapping Cost

    • Software Options

    • System Requirements

    • Hardware Overview

    • Projector Comparison

    • Projector Bake Off

    • Throw Ratio Calculation

    • Projector Settings

    • Enclosures

    • Projector Positioning

    • Mapping

    • Alternative Mapping

  2. 02
    • Video Copilot Plugin

    • Available Project Files (Refer To Downloads Section)

    • After Effects: Walkthrough

    • After Effects: Getting Started

    • Masking

    • Texture Color Effects

    • Adjusting For 3D Perspective

    • Tiling Textures

    • Windows And Doors

    • Additional Mask Considerations

    • Additional 3D Considerations

    • Drop Shadow Effect

    • Adding Videos

    • Video Transparency

    • Keylight Effect

    • Mask Feathering

    • Lumetri Effect

    • Lighting

    • Video Time Settings

    • Keyframing

    • Garage Opening Animation

    • Door Opening Animation

    • Where To Get Effects

    • Final Render

    • Plugins

    • Transitions

  3. 03
    • Final Thoughts

    • Facebook Group Access: (Collaborate with Questions & Ideas)

Explore Risk Free

The entire course duration is about 3 hours, You have 30-days to go through the complete course and in case the course does not meet your expectations you may opt for a no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee

Value For Money

  • Detailed Instructions

    The course shall walk you through the complete process: Projector selection & setup to show creation with step-by-step instructions so that you can follow along

  • Save Months of Research

    Comprehending endless YouTube videos/blogs/forums, and discerning relevant information is intimidating and time-consuming. The course aims to get you up and running within a couple of hours

Exclusive Access To Facebook Group

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