Looking for a complete Hands-Off approach? Having an entire projection mapping system for your house does call for significant investment with regard to time, effort, and research.

    Since each home is unique (size, shape, color, front yard, etc.) it's challenging to have one universal set-up work for all. Certain steps to achieve perfect mapping needs to be done on-site making it furthermore challenging

    Nonetheless, if projection mapping is something you wish to set up for your home without the DIY hassles, then this might just be the perfect solution.

Whats Included

  • Required Projectors (One or Multiple)

  • Weatherproof Enclosure for each Projector

  • Sync Set-Up required (if it's a multi-projector system)

  • Automation System: To Run Shows on a Schedule

  • Cooling Fans To Temperature Control the Enclosure

  • Ground Anchors & Locks To Secure Each Set Up

  • Miscellaneous Equipment (Media Players, Speaker, etc.)

  • Complete Guide on the Set-Up to Help Maintain

  • Three Complementary Shows

Get Your Customized Quote

  • Send the Following Information to "[email protected]"

  • A picture of the House

  • Approximate House Dimensions

  • Geographic Location